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Equipment Technology

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     Extruder is the core machinery in the whole production, mainly used to mix PVB resins,plasticizer and other reagents by heat.So,it is importantly paramount to control the temperature.As our extruder is imported from  famous supplier and is fully automatic,our products stability is secured.


Thickness monitor

     Even thickness of PVB is one of the determinations to the success of lamination,Failure in thickness control will lead to bubbling between glasses during pressurization.In order to ensure the PVB quality,we have a completed on-line and off-line thickness control system to monitor the thickness and evenness of every rolls of PVB.Every production line is associated with one automatic thickness control machine to have 24 hour monitor.Together with precise calculation from off-line control,the specification of PVB is secured before delivery.


Moisture control


    As humidity directly affects the bonding of PVB,we have an unique temperature and moisture control technic.The control allows precise adjustment to fulfill different specifications.We also conduct one on-line and one off-line humidity tests to every roll of PVB to make sure safe and stable bonding during lamination.


Impurity control

      In order to minimize the influence of impurity to customers,we possess a high-end infrared impurity control system. The system includes a sensitive camera which can detect particles with size as small as 0.3mm.If there is detection of impurities,the system will automatically send out notification to our control center. Besides our whole production line workshop is well sealed and reached a standard of 10000 dust-free workshop. Every workers entering the production line must wear clean costume

Winding up 


      We possess an unique winding up system.As there is an accumulation of energy in PVB film during heating process and abrasion, we must release the energy and cool down before winding up the film to minimize the film shrinkage. The system can help minimize bad lminated glass production led by PVB shrinkage.