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Product Feature

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      PVB film possesses good adhesive force.When the laminated glass is impacted cracked by external force,the glass fragment will adhere to the PVB film and hence prevent human from harms.Laminated glass is widely adopted in regions with frequent storms and earthquakes to protect humans from those natrual disasters.



      Laminated glass is difficult to be damaged or broken by knifes or hard objects.Even though when laminated glass is broken,huge sound will be produced, making burglars difficult to break into the house.The crack made by external force is extremely small wihich does not allow someone to pass through.This characteristic allows laminated glass to be a powerful security device. 


Structural integrity

     Structural integrity:the laminated glass is as well-performed as the single-glass in normal loading.When the glass is broken, its fragments are bound solidly to PVB film which demonstrates superior to the single-glass.


Sound proof

      Iaminated glass can effectively lower the penetration of sound wave so as to provide a silent and comfort indoors environment. 



      Daruihengte PVB film can filter more than 99%UV radiation.With the use of laminated glass,furniture and human indoor can be protected from long exposure to UV and prevented from and color fading.


Heat insulation

      Heat insulation infrared radiation increases surrounding temperature.With the use of laminated glass,indoors temperature can be isolated from outdoors heat which can reduce the dependence to air conditioners and hence to slow down global warming.The effect is more obvious in hot summer.