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Automotive shade PVB film

product description

Product introduction
PVB heat insulation film is a mixture polyvinyl butyric resin and plasticizer, adding nano insulation agents, using extrusion and technology equipment. This product uses our unique production technology, filled the domestic technical blank in the field of PVB insulation film. Now companies such as DuPont, Sekisui ,their products of PVB heat insulation film are colorless or natural, its infrared rays blocking rate is low, natural colored film has being added color pigment ,it is easy to change color and low heat insulation rate. Hengte PVB insulation film is using inorganic nano insulation agents to do the doping modification of PVB film, product has superior physical properties, heat insulation performance is strong, the color is not changed , this product has sound insulation and anti-theft function at the same time.
Product features
1. security,
Hengte insulation PVB film laminated glass has strong bonding strength, in response to external impact, It can prevent impact penetration, even if the glass is broken, the shards of glass can be still attached to film and will not fall off and cuts.
2. energy saving,
The architecture and automotive insulation PVB laminated glass can effectively block infrared, thermal insulation performance is good, then energy-saving is high efficiency; This product has a high visible light transmittance, the visible light transmittance and insulation coefficient of insulation PVB film can also be adjusted by adjusting the quantity of nano insulation agents reasonably.
3、guard against theft
PVB laminated glass is very tough, even if glass is broken by the thief, because the PVB interlayer with glass is firmly stick together, they are still kept integrity, thieves can not enter indoor.
4、sound insulation
Due to the Hengte PVB film has the function of acoustic barrier , PVB laminated glass can effectively restrain the noise transmission, especially in a busy airport, railway station, and the buildings on either side of the road, sound insulation effect is very obvious after the installation of laminated glass.



Technical indicators


The light blue




Can be customized according to requirements

Minimum length(m)


Visible light transmittance(%)


Infrared group of heat rate(%)




Volatile matter content(%)


Tensile strength(Mpa)


Bonding strength(Mpa)


Wet and heat resistance

elative humidity 91-99%,48h no change

Heat resistant performance

70±2℃,48h no change

Cold resistanc

-55±2℃,48h no change

Light resistance

100h 750W illuminant 100h light transmittance by 2%,100h


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